Beautiful cozy handcrafted quilts will warm and brighten any room in your home. A quilt makes a wonderful gift and will become a family heirloom.

Our quilts are lovingly created by hand one square at a time.

  • Tiles


    A large king size quilt which would fit a queen or king size bed, a great way to use a variety of colors all in one quilt making it adaptable to almost any color room.

  • Bridal Wreath

    Bridal Wreath

    This quilt would fit a king or queen size mattress, this quilt was traditionally made for a new bride.

  • Stainglassed Butterfly

    Stainglassed Butterfly

    My original design made with black bias tape to give it the stain glass effect along with the beautiful batiks its certainly one of a kind.

  • Prints Charming

    Prints Charming

    I made this with alot of different leftover pieces of flowered prints, once it was done I looked at it and thought...all these prints make me think prints....charming.

  • Log Cabin

    Log Cabin

    This is a tradition block that's been handed down for generations, Ive added a flowered applique block to give it a bit of a modern twist, its very country.

  • Stars Over Texas

    Stars Over Texas

    A friend of mine brought back this beautiful fabric from Texas, I just loved it, and one of my favorite blocks is the lone they seemed to go together making this large king size quilt.

  • Autumn Splendor

    Autumn Splendor

    This is a simple yet stunning quilt made with all autumn colors arranged in a row, its a must see, most of the fabrics have gold thread throughout.

  • Hometown Grown

    Hometown Grown

    My husband and I designed this quilt of all local lighthouses, and with a schooner as well, giving this quilt a very nautical feeling, I just love the way I designed the flying geese to go around the outside of the quilt.

  • Pastel Nine Patch

    Pastel Nine Patch

    This is another of my designs using the simple nine patch block and adding a simple applique flower in keeping with the soft look of the overall design.

  • Garden Gateway

    Garden Gateway

    This quilt has over 2400 small pieces all laid out in a fading effect from the dark bottom to gradually getting lighter and then going back to dark...the shading is beautiful giving it a garden look.

  • Wavelength


    This Wavelength is a type of Bargello. Although bargellos have been made with many different layouts, this one is unique because the width and color choices are my own. This particular wavelength quilt is made with all Robert Kaufman fabrics, and most of them have gold threading...

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