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Recent listings from QuiltsByTheBay
  1. RCMP retirement quilt by QuiltsByTheBay

    1,500.00 CAD

    This quilt was made for a retirement gift. This lady was a RCMP member and wanted something made from her clothing. Everything you see in dark navy came from her pants, everything in grey was from her shirts. The yellow strips are from her pants. The wording was all job postings from her career, her start date and badge number were also embroidered as well. Her awards and labels badges were also used on this quilt. If you have a specific request contact me and we could discuss options for your quilt to be customized to your career. Police, fire, paramedic, teacher, doctors, anything is possible.

  2. Flower box by QuiltsByTheBay

    1,300.00 CAD

    I've designed, made, and quilted this quilt. It's made with mostly batik fabric, and is large enough to fit a queen or king size bed, it can be machine washed. The centre of this quilt is all individually cut and sewn on the ombré fabric.

  3. Star by QuiltsByTheBay

    1,400.00 CAD

    This star is a Judy neimeyer pattern called prismatic star, it's paper pieced which means it's precision pieced. It's all machine quilted by me, no computer work, just free motion, making this quilt a one of a kind . Made of top quality fabrics, and the background fabric is a soft paisley grey which really compliments the star itself.

  4. Country scrap by QuiltsByTheBay

    1,400.00 CAD

    I designed this quilt, and posted it as a mystery quilt on my quilts by the bay page, where people would get a new row released every two weeks, it was intended to help people use up whatever fabrics they had on hand, to give it a scrappy, old fashioned feel to it. It’s made of 100 percent cotton fabrics, all top quality, beautiful fabrics, it can be machine washed, it’s getting put in old fashioned frames this week to be hand quilted, so it won’t be ready for a few weeks, but if your interested in placing a hold on it let me know.

  5. Dragonflies by QuiltsByTheBay

    1,300.00 CAD

    This quilt has a lot of blue, but the teal also shines through in real life, it's a quilt I designed, pieced, and quilted myself. It's made of top quality 100 percent batiks and cotton.

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