Debra HowardWelcome to Quilts by the Bay

I started 23 years ago when I took a "quilt in a day class", and loved it.

I decided that maybe I could make a little extra income to put my children into hockey and it worked lol, ended up putting them through university as well.

My inspiration comes from works of art, magazines, but mostly from walking in a store and seeing new and exciting fabrics, especially batiks and anything by Robert Kaufman. I love looking through vintage quilting magazines, and seeing what my grandmother used to make. She was a quilter as well, but she had a hard time cutting up the beautiful fabric. I think I take after her – my friend says I should keep a 12 inch square of all my favorites and put them on the wall, so I would then be able to cut up my favorites and use them lol!

I love to strip piece my projects, but my favorite blocks are pinwheels, morning stars, and log cabin...oldies but goodies.

I hope to one day be able to leave my employment that I have now, because of my passion for fabric and quilts. Ask me to hem a pair of pants and I wont… there is a big difference. Ask me for a pattern, and as of now they are all in my head. I have had a lot of requests to produce them, and it's on the front burner  now. My friends are encouraging me to make this part of my craft.

I have always had my quilts hand quilted. While I prefer hand quilting, I don't have the time to do them all, so I have a few local ladies who help me with this process. I recently purchased a long arm quilting machine, because my quilters don't have space to work on large quilts in their homes. I have been sending the larger quilts away because of the lack of availabilty of long arm quilters… so this will be a new avenue for me. I will never leave the tradition hand quilted quilts behind, because they are a work of art in my mind, although the new long arm quilting machines certainly have their spot in the art world as well.


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