My Quilts

My quilts are made of 100 percent cotton top and bottom. Beware of quilts that use poly cottons on the backs of quilts; they won't wash and wear the same, and different shrinkage will soon degrade the pattern. Whenever possible, I use only wholecloth 100 percent cotton on the backs so there are no seams.

When buying quilts, take note of how corners and seams meet. Corners should butt up against each other, ensuring a neat look and a longer lasting quilt.

I don't worry or stress over the number of stitches per inch in my quilts, I look for consistency of the stitches, although smaller stitches and consistency give a neater appearance for sure.

I sell all sizes of quilts from baby quilts to larger king size quilts. Any of the quilts on my site can be made to suit your needs. I do custom orders as well. Right now I am working on a quilt from a lady who lived in Africa for years. She brought me all her dresses and fabrics she loved, and now I am making them into a memory quilt.

My watercolor quilt

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My watercolor quilt is a design of my own; I was inspired after seeing a small wallhanging in a magazine once. I make one every year and it is a long process of laying 2500 small squares out on my garage floor and arranging them in a watercolor fashion. This is probably one of the longer processes of making quilts, but the result is breathtaking. This year I have laid out two. The first usually sells at the beginning of my season, and when the shop is open, I don't have floor space to make the second until the shop closes. Part of the fun of making this quilt is all the shopping it takes to find that perfect flower to make things flow. It lies on the floor for days, and seems to get changed every time I walk by.

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